Anwaar’s Vitiligo Story

As part of a campaign to build awareness around vitiligo, we are running a series of posts highlighting different experiences people have encountered whilst living with the condition. To hear real-life stories from people with vitiligo, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram channels.


Anwaar noticed the first signs of vitiligo appear around his eyes at the age of 8. Now, 25 years later, he recounts the earlier stages of his journey living with the condition through a series of voice notes.

What Was Life Like Before Vitiligo?

“I remember as a child, just being a really confident and outgoing child”


What Was Your First Memory of Vitiligo?

Cultural beliefs meant Anwaar was placed on a diet excluding fish as it was believed that from consuming this food, he had developed vitiligo.


How did the Condition Impact Your Life Growing Up?

Despite developing vitiligo in early childhood, Anwaar didn’t notice some of the condition’s more damaging impacts until his teenage years.


Experience at a Consultation…

While many report positive diagnosis and consultation experiences, this is not true for everyone. In his early 20’s, over 10 years after first developing the condition, Anwaar attended a vitiligo consultation hoping for a solution to what had become an emotionally draining disease. Although not all treatments will work for everyone, being told he shouldn’t bother trying had a lasting effect on Anwaar.


Not wanting to give up, following further research on the disorder, Anwaar later met another vitiligo specialist. She successfully worked closely with him to help manage his condition, and explained to him all his treatment options. Today, he is almost 60% repigmented and reports a significant increase in his confidence levels.

Thank you, Anwaar, for sharing your story.


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